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So remember my last post. I was relatively optimistic that the ex cyclone bearing down on us was no big deal. How naive.

Turns out we got smashed. Sideways rain for a day and a half. Winds up to 120km an hour, minor flooding in our living room, trees breaking in our backyard. The neighbourhood looks demented even now, even one week on. There is so much dead tree vegetation everywhere, trees fallen over, huge branches everywhere. It needs a massive cleanup.

To add insult to injury, our city and neighbouring city Ipswich flooded again. In 2011 there was a big flood that damaged thousands of homes and in comparison, this one was small. But a flood is a flood and lots of businesses on the river front in Brisbane city were badly damaged. There is nothing like that weird waiting to see how high it will go. Eery.

Our fellow Queenslanders north of us in Bundaberg, Rockhampton and all the small outback communities have really borne the brunt of this. Bundaberg north has only today allowed citizens in to inspect the damage, Rockhampton is bracing for a 8.7m flood. Its so heartbreaking to see all these people in evacuation centres and the frightening images of homes swept away by floodwaters. Literally floating away. So sad.

Its the same up and down the east coast of Australia, and many places have been damaged. This type of weather event is super weird and it really took everybody by surprise; in intensity, duration and reach. In my opinion, these weird events confirm that Climate Change is real, happening now and inescapable. My hope is that world governments can agree on mitigation strategies for communities that will suffer the most from rising sea levels and unpredictable extreme weather events.

In other news, I experienced a ‘rite of passage’ this week concerning my PhD. I got feedback on my first two chapters. Not bad, but not great. I completely lost my shit for a day. Bawling my eyes out. Major self doubt. Felt like giving up and running away from it all. My darling husband talked me down. I recognise now the classic symptoms of a meltdown but yesterday as it was happening it felt too real, too raw and too huge to enable me to calm the fuck down. My eyes puffed up and I looked and felt like shit by the time I crawled into bed last night.

My standard advice to anybody feeling bleh is to go for a run. So I took my own advice and hit the streets this morning, dodging tree debris and just running for the sake of it. It has been weeks since I last ran due to bad weather and flooding so it was not fast, nor lovely to watch but it was so cathartic. I needed to sweat it out, have some time for myself and to recognise that a PhD crises is a very unique first world problem and I need to get a grip. I feel much better now. Much better.

So in all, a mental week. I am happy it is over – for me at least.

I hope you all kicked some goals this week and had fun:) That is going to be my motto for next week….

Over and out: Runninbear

PS There is going to be a Color Run here! You know I am going to enter. Yes I am!!