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I hurt my back. AGAIN. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to do this. It was my fault and I am pissed cos I have been in agony for days. I went to see a massage therapist and got some acupuncture which always helps so much. I have been eating Voltaren like lollies. I AM SO OVER HURTING MY BACK.  I feel like my body is telling me to chill out, take some rest and recuperation. So I am bonding with my new heatpack and chilling out.

I make this promise to myself here and now. I will do my strengthening exercises every day to prevent this from happening again. There, its a wordpress promise now – you can’t break a wordpress promise …..

In very excellent news, I got my blood test results back and I am not celiac nor do I have any other issues. I got a clean bill of health and am pretty stoked. Cholesterol, kidney function, liver function, all great. I can thank my cleaner living lifestyle for that. Thanks healthy eating.

No running cos of stupid back pain. I am going to try some deep water running on Saturday to get some exercise in without aggravating it. Then another massage on Tues.

I can’t wait to have a post where I am not complaining. It feels like all my recent musings have been negative. I have to say, its been a weird month for the first part of 2013. I know it is just a phase, but I want to see some “YAY” get back into my life.

Is anybody else having a weird 2013??