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So, last year, when I first started taking better care of myself I relied heavily on the cookbooks and eating programs by Michelle Bridges – star personal trainer from the Australian Biggest Loser program.

Banging Body of a Fitness Idol

Um… no thats not me, its the banging body of my fitness idol – Michelle Bridges  (Source)

Since starting work full time I have been full of excuses about why I have not been sticking to my plan. All of them are bullshit. You know them: the lies we tell ourselves to stay in a rut. To not do the work we need to do to reach our goals. To have another beer. To have another chocolate. To sleep in instead of smashing a run. Yeah, I have a drawer full of them.

I am so sick of carrying around this extra weight and gaining (?WTF?) what I worked so hard to lose last year.

So I joined the phenomenally successful 12WBT aka 12 Week Body Transformation run by none other than Michelle Bridges. Im not going to bang on forever about how good it is, if you want to know about it look here.

It started on Monday.

Like her books, the program consists of a sensible yummy eating and workout plan that is already smashing me and its only day 2! I started this to do two things: 1 Lose the last 15 kg between me and my goal weight of 65 kilos. And 2 to up my running game. I selected the Train for 10KM run program to really focus on building my running back up again. The bonus for me is the strength workouts are tailored for runners, so finally I am doing a strength workout that will actually improve my time and duration.

Kids, Im excited!

So, I’m getting back into tracking here. I got so much inspiration from all of my WP friends last year – your stories kept me so motivated. Im looking forward to sharing this transformation with you all. Maybe at the end, I will be brave enough to reveal my pictures to the world. I gotta tell ya, that before shot is NOT a good look…….

Cant wait to share my first weigh in tomorrow, yeah its only three days in but that is the rules and I am playing by them.

FYI My start weight is  79.8kg.